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Network Security – are you secure?

Are You Secure network security DNA IT Solutions

What is Network security?  It is the practice of preventing unauthorised access to a private network or the monitoring of use of a public access network. In simple terms this protects your company data, protects your users and in turn protects your reputation.  In this age of GDPR and data protection, it is more important […]

Security Made Simple for Retail

Security Made Simple For Retail DNA IT Solutions

Sophos – A complete security solution for traditional and online retail Your entire company, starting with your employees, those in charge of the distribution, collaborators and business partners can all benefit from the presence of Sophos. Besides creating the best connectivity environment and increasing POS security, Sophos makes sure that everything is extremely safe. POS […]

Security is Vital for Better Business Success

Security vital for business success DNA IT Solutions

When you are building a business you will have a series of goals to meet that, for you, will measure your success.  On your journey to success you will no doubt change and adapt to whatever challenges you meet.  Digital transformation will be part of that journey. Security and Trust As you grow, your reputation […]

4 Major Information Security Threats for Business Today

4 information security threats DNA IT Solutions

There are many opportunities for businesses today.  With the economy thriving and disposable incomes increasing we see success at every corner.  However, where you see opportunities you will also see threats. There will always be the threat from a new competitor or the threat of losing a customer and these are hard to control   However, […]

The Impact of a Security Breach

Impact of a security breach DNA IT Solutions

A recent report stated that cybercrime in Ireland is double global levels. Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors have been affected.  Looking at these trends, those cyber-attacks are only going to increase in the coming years. Devastating Costs Traditional crimes such as burglary or arson will have a detrimental effect on any business.  […]

Layers rather than a single solution for IT Security

Layers for IT Security DNA IT

A virus is a piece of code which is able to copy itself and infect a system and in turn destroy data.  This corruption can have an extremely detrimental effect on any business. With each virus getting more sophisticated as they are created, it takes global leading technology to stay ahead of the game.   As […]