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Is Managed ICT Cresting A Wave?

Managed ICT DNA IT Solutions

Outsourcing the IT function isn’t a particularly new idea but cloud facilitation is driving a new wave of adoption, leading some market observers to think that critical mass has been achieved, writes Alex Meehan, Sunday Business Post. Recently the Sunday Business Post ran a feature that DNA IT Solutions contributed to, here we share with […]

Why is Technology so Important to a Business?

Why technology is important DNA IT Solutions

Regardless of your business sector, we live in times when technology cannot be disregarded anymore. If you plan on making your company successful and survive in today’s market for as long as possible, you will depend on technology. Of course, not every kind of technology is necessary. You need to find precisely that type of […]

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services DNA IT Solutions

You may have heard the term ‘Managed Print Services’ and you could be curious to know how it would improve your business. Managed Print Service is a way of gaining visibility and taking control of your printing which in turn can help you create efficiency and in turn save money. Saving Money Appointing a company […]

5 IT Challenges your Business will Face

5 IT challenges DNA IT Solutions

Starting your own business is a challenge, growing it to become a successful business is an even bigger challenge.   There are many business challenges that we face and overcome every week, that’s what makes it so exciting. The challenge of hiring great staff, the challenge of financing your dreams, the challenge of building your brand […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Top 5 Benefits of managed IT DNA IT

One valuable piece of advice that is given to business owners when they start out on their journey is to stick to what they are good at and outsource all the other tasks. It’s great advice when it comes to accounts, human resources and various administration tasks.  It’s even better advice when it comes to […]