Technology is Changing Rapidly

Technology is changing rapidly DNA IT Solutions

A fine wine will improve with age, however, the same cannot be said about technology.  As your technology gets a bit older it will start to cause issues and that in turn will impact your business.

Open to attack

Old technology will be more prone to compromises.  Hackers have seen the old stuff before, so it is easy to cause some problems.  Your business then becomes an easy target and that is not what you want.

Would you drive a car without an NCT?  Would you trust one that has high mileage and had not been serviced regularly?  I didn’t think so.  So why would you trust old software and ancient hardware that may be ready to collapse.

Obviously if your IT infrastructure implodes you will have many issues such as downtime, loss of information and the costs associated with that.  One thing you may not have considered is that your risk becomes an issue to others, letting hackers in so they can distribute on your network.   Spreading viruses, malware and causing all sorts of issues directly from you to your customers.  Leaving you wide open for problems that could last the lifetime of your business.

IT Security  

Hackers and cyber-attacks have been around for a long time.  Security needs to evolve as threats become more sophisticated.   What was once the trusted way of protecting the business has become obsolete.  There is no one ‘out of the box’ solution but the combination of the right layers of security could be your saviour.

This whole area of IT is confusing and scary for many business owners so it is only right that you get to see the whole picture.  A good MSP (managed service provider) will have all the tools available to for your situation.  Taking a look at your needs, assessing your risks and discussing your future plans will all be relevant to getting the correct systems in place for you.

Future proof your business and rest easy at night knowing that your systems are being monitored and protected.  The first step is an audit of your hardware and software and then a frank discussion about your businesses future.