Our Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution is enterprise class, scalable to any level and provides total peace of mind against any form of system failure and data loss, whether minor or catastrophic, whilst delivering extremely high performance.

This solution will provide:

  • A fully managed 24 x7 disaster recovery service.
  • The best available “next generation” virtual machine replication technology from Zerto.

In the event of a disaster, and any or all of the production systems becoming unavailable, DNA IT will stand up the Production VMs within the IBM Cloud.  The DRaaS will provide all the data and applications from the DR environment and make available the equivalent resources (CPW, memory, storage) as the Production system. This will become the Production system and run for as long as necessary until the crisis has passed and once the production environment is ready, the VMs will all be failed back to the live production systems on premise.


  • DR solution is monitored 24 * 7 *365
  • Daily checks on RTO’s, RPO’s, SLA’s, resource and bandwidth usage
  • Full disaster recovery runbook created
  • NO dependency on HRB staff to bring up DR environment
  • DNA IT will provide DR test summary reports for any auditors.
  • DNA IT will perform all server recoveries and real-life DR invocations


zertoOur DRaaS solutions provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centres and cloud environments.

Our DR platform provides enterprises with continuous data replication & recovery designed specifically for virtualized infrastructure and the cloud.

Today, enterprises of all sizes are deploying applications on virtualized IT infrastructures and clouds. The values of virtualization including flexibility, scalability and mobility can complicate business continuity efforts in times of disaster. The advantages of virtualization can conflict with your ability to recover the business in the event of disaster. Not so with DNA’s virtual-friendly continuous data replication.

Our DRaaS service is built using Zerto. This is a next generation enterprise level virtual server replication technology that is hardware and hypervisor agnostic. Zerto designed the only enterprise-class replication software for VMware to replace legacy array-based replication solutions. It provides the flexibility, scalability and ease of use expected in the virtual world without compromising any of the features and functionality required for protecting mission-critical production applications.


  • Zerto can group virtual servers into application consistency groups to maintain data integrity in the DR environment.
  • Zerto can assign different Recovery Point Objectives to different virtual servers, applications or application consistency groups based on their priority.
  • Zerto can easily perform failover and failback of virtual servers and applications with the just a few mouse clicks.
  • Zerto can perform non-disruptive DR testing.
  • Zerto can store retention data in the DR environments to mitigate replicating corruptions.
  • Zerto can be installed in minutes with NO ESXi downtime, maintenance modes or reboots.
  • Recovery Point Objectives – 1 minute to 1 hour (Current customers achieving less than 30 secs RPO with Zerto).
  • Recovery Time Objectives – 1 to 4 hours for all Servers
  • Some of our current customers use the Zerto DR environment to test patches and major upgrades before implementing the change on the Live servers.
  • The solution can be expanded and contracted very easily and on short notice.

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