Disaster Recovery for Financial Services

Disaster recovery for financial services DNA IT Solutions

While each industry brings its own challenges, when it comes to Financial Services you have your own additional pressures.

The pressure of being ‘on’ 24 hours a day, every day for customers often at stressful situations is one.  Add to that the challenges of security of sensitive information, data protection and compliance and this all adds up to more pressure.

Banks, Insurance companies, Brokers, Credit Unions all operate in this area and are highly regarded so expectations are high.

A Solid Disaster Plan

As a financial service company, what would happen if you lost some data?  Or data was compromised?  Think about what the cost to your organisation would be.  Not only the loss of reputation, clients or money but the regulations in this sector could result in the closure of the business.  That is why it is so important to have a plan in place when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery.

Cyber Criminals

The failure of hardware or software can be an issue but the more worrying risk at present is of cyber criminals attacking the business.  An attack can lead to loss of data, freezing of systems and demands for ransom with the threat of malware.  These attacks are real and all too familiar and if you suffer an attack you could lose everything.

What is Business Continuity

These cyber attacks can and do happen regularly.  However, having a plan in place to ensure your critical business applications can continue during a disaster is the best solution.  Attacks can be man-made, natural or via cyber criminals, you need a robust plan and systems in place that offer peace of mind should the worst happen.

A Solution

DNA IT Solutions work with Veeam to offer enterprise grade disaster recovery planning.   Some of the issues that we plan for are:

Recovery Time Objectives – We set the amount of time it will take to get you back up and running fully.

Recovery Point Objective – This is the point at which the last back up exists prior to the disaster, it could be 30 minutes or an hour.  Can you afford to lose that much?  Maybe it needs to be less than 5 minutes.  A lot of planning and resources are needed for that but it’s all possible.

Backup – A backup / recovery solution is needed that is robust enough to survive anything.  A secure secondary site location for storage will be in the cloud.

As a financial services organisation you need enterprise grade solutions and that is why we work with Veeam to offer this service.  You need the best technology and tools to make this a reality.  A system that has been tried and tested and is used all over the world by similar businesses.

At DNA IT we know about the need to test the solution to ensure it will work.  You don’t want the worst to happen and then be crossing your fingers that it will do.  We will test and see if there are any weak spots or areas that need attention.   DNA IT Solutions working with Veeam for the always on enterprise – that’s you!

To download a full guide explaining how this all works visit the Veeam website

To discuss Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity or any other aspect of IT security you can arrange a consultation with the expert team at DNA IT Solutions.