Cloud for Business

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Why is it that so many Irish businesses are moving to the cloud?

It’s not just the large companies but smaller independent business with less than ten employees.  In the past these organisations would have run their programs from software they had downloaded on a PC or a server in their office.  Now cloud computing allows all this to be done via the internet.

Not sure what cloud computing means?

When you check your bank balance on your smartphone, when you check that weather app or when you comment on your friends Facebook post – that is all cloud computing.  It is using the power of the cloud to interact with platforms and programs.  Now with Microsoft 365 you no longer purchase CDs and download onto a PC.  It’s cloud computing at its best, providing automatic updates and access when and how you need it.

When you access the cloud here is what you get:

On demand – You get access to the resource right there when you need it.  No waiting around and you are only paying for what you use when you use it.  It’s a new mind-set to think that you are no longer paying for it whether or not you use it.   This cost effectiveness is the main driver for businesses to move to a cloud solution.

Resource Pooling – Once the domain of only multinationals, now an small business can access a huge pool of resources based on their user needs.  The resource is automatically assigned and with secure sharing there is little to be concerned about.

Rapid Elasticity – The space with cloud is limitless so resources can grow as you need them.  When you need them you can scale up or down in a quick time, not like before.  If it is more storage space or more power that you need, all can be spun up or down as required.

Broad Network access – It’s all there waiting for you when you are ready to access it.  With few barriers relating to adoption and no reason to avoid it, it makes sense.

When you are ready to consider cloud computing and cloud storage you should consider all the options available.  Talk to our expert team, we migrate businesses like yours to the cloud every day of the week.  Make your journey to the cloud a great one with DNA IT Solutions.