Web Security Threats

Web Security threats DNA IT

There are many security threats facing organisations today.

They are not only the concern of large global companies but can effect even the smallest of businesses.  If you are aware of what may attack your business, then you can put plans in place to ensure you have the right level of cover to protect your systems and data.

Here are some of the most popular types of cyber security threats today:


Malware is software that is designed to gain access to a computer system in order to damage or disrupt.  Malware can appear on both the computer and the network and can cause significant damage.   Cloud based web security system prevents downloads which will stop the initial infection.  It can also stop the malware connecting to the internet to make more problems.


This is software that allows the attacker to spy on the user’s computer activity.  It records activity to learn about the user, stalking it and then uses the information gathered to create some harm. Web security products can reduce the risk of this happening by preventing the users machine from interacting with installed spyware.


Ransomware is software designed to block access to the computer system.  In essence it freezes everything until a ransom is paid.  Many organisations will then pay to get their systems back which makes the hackers become more active.  Web security systems will implement sandboxing to help counteract this threat.  This is where all downloads are analysed off the network to check they are safe before delivering them to the network.


Phishing is where a fraudulent email is sent pretending to be from a reputable person or company.  It is sent in the hope that the user will divulge personal and financial details.  Phishing call also be in the form of a website that pretends to be something they are not.  Web security services can check to see what websites or emails are trustworthy and stop the risk at source.

Social engineering

Also known as spear phishing, this is the gathering of personal information either directly or online to later target somebody for financial gain.  By having an additional layer of security on email systems, this can reduce or even eliminate such harmful issues.  Likewise, having security that prevents showing links to harmful websites will give additional protection to the user.

Zero hour Attacks

Also known as zero day attacks, these target well known but unpatched vulnerabilities in operating systems.  Security services will work with other layers of security on end point protection.  Fixes can be rolled out in a matter of hours to help protect against attack.  In addition, systems will detect any breach and block it.

These are only some of the threats to an organisations IT Systems, there are countless other ones that will cause significant damage.

One product that can form part of your security solution is Fusemail.  This is part of our security portfolio at DNA IT Solutions and will provide protection against many threats.  We only work with world leading technology solutions to protect our clients.  Fusemail can be part of your web security service that help protect you, talk to us about it today.