While virtualization is prevalent in today’s business IT environments, many organizations still have regulatory and control requirements that necessitate on-premises, physical servers and bare metal servers. 

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) Solution manages how, when and where production backups are stored and replicated—on-premises and in IBM Cloud to simplify operations across your entire environment. Protect data centers, remote offices and even workstations no matter where they are.

With this solution you can:

  • Reduce overall IT and primary storage costs – up to 10x savings on long term data retention.
  • Leverage the simplicity, elasticity, and unlimited scale of Cloud Object Storage.
  • Automate movement of backups to long term storage as they as they age out of the required operational restore window.
  • Eliminate the management burden and additional cost associated with expanding primary and secondary storage.
  • Fast, agentless image-based backups for VMs, and agents for bare metal and on-premises workloads
  • Recovery of entire VMs, individual files and application items
  • Item-level recovery and eDiscovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory
  • Transaction-level restore of Oracle and SQL Server databases
  • Automatic testing and reporting of every backup and replica
  • Monitoring and alerting to unseen issues which can impact backup and application performance


IBM Cloud

Our BaaS solution is built using Veeam and IBM Cloud.  Veeam’s full, on-premise capabilities are available on IBM Cloud. That’s not something other public clouds deliver.

Plus, IBM Cloud provides free network traffic between its 60+ cloud datacentres worldwide, Store, copy and replicate Veeam backup infrastructure and automate archive storage based on your recovery service level needs, not the restraints of your budget.  

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