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24 x7 Office 365 Security Monitoring – All Activity in Your Office 365 Environment

Our Office 365 security monitoring solution protects against suspicious account login attempts from outside the office, data exfiltration from SharePoint or phishing emails that arrive in your employee’s email.

More and more companies are switching to cloud productivity solutions like Microsoft 365 due to the many benefits it can provide. Unfortunately, with all the benefits Microsoft 365 has, there are also disadvantages, especially in terms of security.

Here are some of the security issues of Microsoft 365:

  • Most personally-owned devices just have basic protection, making it easy to infiltrate to perform different forms of attacks.
  • End-point protection is ineffective on cloud-based platforms.
  • You need to be an Azure expert to understand raw log files to dig through events.
  • You need to be awake 24/7 not to miss any notifications; this is all you get!
  • Searchable data is only stored for 7 days and minimal data for only 90 days.
  • Relies on automation to fight against human intelligence.

The DNA IT Office 365 security monitoring service overcomes these problems by combining artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) along with our fully staffed security operations centre (SOC) team, who are correlating user behavior to identify abnormal behavior. This is the kind of information that truly identifies attackers are inside an organization.

When a cloud account is breached, anti-virus solutions or internal solutions like firewalls won’t be triggered. The DNA SOC team will spot the attacker as they navigate their way across the network. An unusual login location or lateral movement across the network to find and exfiltrate files is what stands out.


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Features of Office 365 Security Monitoring Service

  • Monitors all activity in your Office 365 environment.
  • Monitor employees that are working from home.
  • Detect attacks outside the company network.
  • Protects users and data regardless of the location.
  • Monitors all activities and detects all types of attacks without compromising privacy.
  • Monitors Azure Active Directory.
  • No more data exfiltration breaches through your Microsoft® Office 365™ or Azure Active Directory (AD) Environments.
Office 365 security monitoring


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