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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of  re-imagining and re-designing a business to continuously improve how it is competing and interacting with it’s customers using digital technologies. The objective is to either create new business systems and processes, or modify existing processes to meet changing business and market requirements. Digital transformation also involves changing how we do things internally and re-imagining how staff do their jobs.

Digital Transformation is not about technology – its about enabling the overall business strategy and tech is only a part of that. Its not about throwing tech and money at an army of outside consultants and forgetting what makes your company competitive in the first place.

Digital transformation takes a customer-driven, digital-first approach to all aspects of a business, from its business models to customer experiences to processes and operations. It may use a wide variety of tech, including AI, automation, hybrid cloud and other digital technologies to leverage data and drive intelligent workflows, faster and smarter decision-making, and real-time response to market disruptions. And ultimately, it changes customer expectations and creates new business opportunities.


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Where do you start?

Digital transformation can be applied to nearly every aspect of your business, however – there is no single solution that will fit with every business. Working with a team that is familiar with all the options will ensure you get the solution that is right for you.


Below are six areas where a digital-first approach can provide the biggest impact on your organization.

Customer Experience

Creating a smarter, more intuitive experience for your customers.

Supply Chain

Building a more resilient business with AI-powered solutions for enterprise asset management, supply chain, and facilities operations.

Human Resources

Empowering your workforce to do higher value work and bringing intelligence to your human resources strategy.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing working closer together so that customers have a better digital buying experience and after sales experience – this is just one typical objective of how digital transformation can enable vastly improved business processes for the commercial teams.


Enabling new technologies to work together, sharing data for improved analytics, and using Cloud services to improve reliability and business agility, to adapt quickly to new business needs.


Better data management means improved financial insights and faster, more accurate costing and financial management.

The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Making the move to a digital transformation strategy can lead to significant cost reductions in the long run. It is these controlled lower costs, combined with potentially a much better customer experience that make the move to digital transformation so attractive in the first instance.

As part of your digital transformation strategy, moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud can be the best option as it has the flexibility and scalability to grow and change with the business – very quickly. New applications and processes associated with them can developed, tested and go into full production in a fraction of the time that is possible with conventional IT systems running on premise.

Risk reduction is another advantage of switching to the cloud with guaranteed security and software updates. All your IT systems – servers, and data backups etc running in the Cloud dramatically reduces your physical security threats and many of your technical risks too.

Your Digital Transformation Planning

When you work with an experienced expert like DNA IT Solutions you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We look at your business and work with you to figure out what is the correct solution is for you at this moment in time. We also look to the future and take into account your growth plans so that the system we recommend will support them.

We want to give you the easiest migration option that will cause the least disruption. The one that fits your budget and meets your risk requirements that will give you the best return on your spend. There are so many aspects to how a digital transformation plan can change your business, we are with you at every step to ensure that from an IT perspective, we are minimising risk and maximising return on investment.

In addition to consultancy, design and planning, DNA IT can help you with your digital transformation strategy in other key areas too.

Six ways DNA IT can assist with your digital transformation strategy:

Cloud Design and Transitioning Planning

Progressive companies are transitioning to the cloud in order to use new technologies.

Infrastructure Design and Transition

Our consultants will guide you in plotting a migration path to new network services by evaluating your current system and protecting existing investment as part of the design process

Capacity Planning and Workload Analysis

Capacity planning is the process that determines the IT infrastructure that is required to meet future workload demands.

Virtual CIO

DNA IT Solutions provides the help, expertise and advice that enable you to align your IT infrastructure with your business needs and get a better ROI.

Collaboration Solutions

When you operate as a team you need to have the best tools at your disposal to share and access information. These tools should be easy to use and simple to access if you are in the office, on the road or the other side of the world.

Managed Security Services

Protecting your business’ IT assets requires the implementation of equally sophisticated cyber security tools and processes.

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