Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Disaster Recovery Plan DNA IT

Disasters can and do happen. Cyber attacks, natural disasters, and system failures are just a few of the uncontrollable events that could potentially harm your company. Regardless of the size of your business, a physical or technological disaster could result in a significant financial loss. However, although disasters are not always preventable, it is possible to minimise their impact.

In the event of a disaster, a recovery plan will enable you to minimise downtime and reassure your customers. Here are three reasons why every company should implement one now:

1. Reduce the impact of natural disasters

Floods, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are difficult to predict and almost impossible to control. Such disasters can result in significant downtime for businesses. You may lose access to phone lines, to customer files, and even to your office. Without a predetermined disaster recovery plan, you risk damaging the health of your company.

2. Protect against the effects of cyber attacks

As more and more companies move into the digital space, the likelihood of getting hacked continues to increase. Small businesses, in particular, can appear vulnerable to cyber criminals. If your company is hacked, it may result in data loss or customer details being compromised. A cyber attack could, therefore, cause significant damage to your company’s reputation.

3. Human error

People make mistakes. Unfortunately, a single error can sometimes result in the loss of data or a major product flaw. Of course, one of the best ways to minimise human error is to train your employees to a high standard. But it’s also important to be prepared by having a disaster recovery system.

Putting a disaster recovery plan in place is one of the most important steps a company can take. A thorough plan ensures that you will have no unnecessary downtime after a disaster and that you will continue to have access to data. A company like DNA IT Solutions will help you to create an appropriate disaster recovery system and can also help you implement it if necessary. Preparing a thorough recovery plan is an investment for the future health of your business