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Don’t Take the Bait – Phishing is big business

Phishing DNA IT solutions

In recent times phishing attacks have become more prevalent and sophisticated. Cyber criminals are learning more refined ways to prey upon people which is resulting in quite a few successful attacks.  In particular, they’ve taken advantage of the malware-as-a-service offerings on the dark web in order to increase the efficiency and volume of attacks. In fact, […]

Work anytime and anywhere with your office online

work anywhere Microsoft 365 DNA IT Solutions

Office 365 is the apps you love.  It’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Publisher and Access.  All the tools you want in one place. If you have ever used Microsoft Office then you will be delighted with Microsoft 365 office suite for business, it really is a fantastic tool. Whether it is remote working […]

Is technology holding your business back?

Technology holding business DNA IT

Technology is such a vital part of everyday life, particularly for businesses. Do you find that your staff are often not able to work because the computers are down, that viruses plague your company and cause problems on your systems, or that your systems are simply outdated and don’t meet your current needs? Reliable IT […]