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Office 365 is the apps you love.  It’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Publisher and Access.  All the tools you want in one place.

If you have ever used Microsoft Office then you will be delighted with Microsoft 365 office suite for business, it really is a fantastic tool. Whether it is remote working or office based, the Microsoft Office programs contained within enable you to do all that you need, from word-processing to e-mailing and spreadsheet work. But just what are the individual benefits of using Microsoft 365 software?

It’s always up to date

With an Office 365 subscription, you get the latest Office apps.  You will be able to access both the desktop and the online versions.  Any updates will be done when they happen so you are always up to date.

A key feature is that it is an online service that uses the internet to access a cloud-based sharing and storage solution for consumers. The ability to upload and share important documents that many people in different locations need access to is so vital for many businesses. There is great flexibility in how the documents are shared too, from whether people have read-only access to editing rights.

Stay connected

A great knock-on effect to this is that it enables all employees within a company to stay connected and in-touch. While this is all obviously a huge advantage for remote workers, it is also highly valuable for office-based workers too. If it is a large company, the ability to share or connect with a colleague without leaving your desk is key.

Working remotely

As a remote worker, Microsoft 365 gives you the freedom to be out on the road or at home yet still have access to everything you would if in the office. All the files and folders you need are there, ready to be accessed when needed, which avoids any rushed calls to the office to get them!

The full range of Microsoft Office applications is included, so it is simple to work with and you know you are using programs that you can trust. Microsoft have also made sure that it is fully mobile and tablet-friendly, so you can use it on whichever device you prefer or have to hand.

Overall, Microsoft Office 365 is a superb solution to your productivity needs and gives users the chance to stay fully connected via latest cloud technology wherever they happen to be and whatever time it may be. This is a great bonus for businesses who require this type of solution.

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