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IBM Cloud – not just big cloud for big business

IBM Cloud Not just Big Cloud for Big Business DNA IT Solutions

As a medium sized business, you often need to do more with less, and that’s what cloud is all about. Cloud is always available, reliable and needs very little setup or capital expense. Cloud services will expand as your business needs them. With cloud technology, your medium size business can compete on the same level […]

Switching to Cloud

Switching to the cloud DNA IT Solutions

Switching to cloud technology is a fast-growing business trend, and it’s not hard to see why. Approximately 75% of all businesses in Ireland use cloud technology, whether it’s in a public, private, or hybrid. Cloud technology is basically computing based on the internet rather than running applications from a physical server, meaning companies using cloud […]

Why Azure for Financial Services Sector?

Azure for Financial Services DNA IT Solutions

Whatever sector of the financial services industry your business is in, you will have specific requirements around security, compliance and activities.  Azure could be the cloud for your business allowing it to move to the next level. Opt for top-notch cloud solutions provided by Azure and make sure that your clients and partners get only […]

How can Cloud technology reduce risks for business?

cloud Technology reduces Risk DNA IT Solutions

While many businesses may prefer to view their IT as a ‘set it and forget it’ necessity, the reality is that outlay and maintenance costs can have a huge impact on most operations. From IT consultancy and auditing to risk management and real-time maintenance issues, IT can easily become a major business headache. Switching from […]

The Business Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

Business Challenge of the Cloud DNA IT Solutions

It is estimated that over 75% of Irish businesses are deploying cloud technology, with many already planning to increase their deployment in the coming years. Cloud computing platforms and technologies are advancing rapidly and it can be difficult to keep up to date.  Many already know about the many benefits of cloud such as scalability, cost […]

Why choose IBM Cloud?

why choose IBM Cloud DNA IT Solutions

IBM was once seen as the option for the big multinationals only.  This private, dedicated cloud offering is now more accessible to mainstream businesses through their partner network.  As one of only a handful of their Irish partners, we have started to bring this innovative product to select clients.  These clients have specific needs, many […]