Hybrid Cloud and Your Business

Hybrid Cloud & your business DNA IT Solutions

Hybrid is described as ‘a thing made by combining two different elements’.  As a business you might be willing to embrace the cloud but there may be a reason to hold back just a little.  In some circumstances it may be more beneficial to have some data remain on the ground.  When you choose Hybrid Cloud as an option, you can have the best of both worlds.  Getting access to all the benefits of regular cloud but also managing some of your data on premise.


Those who do not move with technology can be left behind so flexibility is required both in attitude and planning.  Planning for the future of your business is key and wrong decisions can have significant negative impacts.   With a hybrid cloud strategy, you can make key decisions to reduce costs, increase flexibility and put in place solid plans for future success.

Organisations are looking to hybrid cloud because it is widely known that not all businesses fit nicely into the same box.  Hybrid adapts to the different requirements for a mix of public or private cloud combined with on-premises to give broader choices.

Increased Data

With more and more data within every business, maintaining in-house data centres is too expensive and the move to cloud becomes attractive.  When hybrid is involved it is not a straightforward ‘on-premises or cloud’ option but a combination of both which still reduces costs.  Cost reductions vary from one organisation to another depending on the mix which is decided on its operational and technology strategy combined with business goals.

Security of data will be a concern for all businesses.  With hybrid the business can choose what is positioned where depending on compliance or regulatory needs.  Greater control is needed for certain workloads and that is where private cloud may come in as part of hybrid offering.

Disaster recovery and backup services would be a priority when deciding on hybrid cloud.  Availability and security of information will determine what goes in private and what goes in public cloud and what does not stay on premises.

When you decide to start your journey to the cloud you may want to find out more about hybrid cloud.  Future proof your business and get the flexibility you need to grow, talk to a member of the DNA IT Solutions team to look at your options.