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Different types of cloud services

Types of cloud services DNA IT

The many benefits of cloud computing have been discussed in depth and are rarely disputed. With a lower cost, more flexibility, productivity and layers of security it is the obvious choice for most businesses.  However, there are several types of cloud services and knowing what is available can help you make better decisions on what […]

Managed IT as a service

Managed IT Services DNA IT

What are Managed IT services? If you’re running your own business, unless you are an IT specialist, you just want your systems to work. You need them to be almost invisible, running in the background, and unnoticeable because they just do everything you want them to do, smoothly and without interruption. And that is what […]

What is malware and ransomware, and how can I protect against it?

Cyber security DNA IT

PCs and mobile devices are all at risk from malware. That is the generic term for any program, OS update, email attachment or rogue website that can cause harm to business PCs and the data stored on them. Ransomware is rapidly becoming the most prevalent form of malware. This type of threat locks away the […]