What is malware and ransomware, and how can I protect against it?

Cyber security DNA IT

PCs and mobile devices are all at risk from malware. That is the generic term for any program, OS update, email attachment or rogue website that can cause harm to business PCs and the data stored on them. Ransomware is rapidly becoming the most prevalent form of malware. This type of threat locks away the company’s data, and the owners often are forced to pay a ransom, usually in the electronic Bitcoin currency, to restore their files, unless they make very regular backups.

A complete security solution

To defend against these threats, your company needs more than a consumer-level firewall or antivirus software protecting its systems. Instead, a well-rounded approach is required to ensure that all systems are using the latest operating systems and are automatically updated with the latest patches to prevent an attack.

This is because many new types of malware can access “backdoors” into computers that the U.S. government have been using to spy on their enemies, until information about all these backdoors was leaked. Now any cyber criminal can launch a hacking campaign using these tools, and while most operating systems have been patched to protect against them, if your company’s systems are not up to date, they are not protected.

Sophos Security

On the network side, your business needs to scan all data coming into its computers across the Internet, on memory sticks, or in emails. Virus software needs to be updated daily with the latest list of threats. Sophos is our choice of security vendor and its endpoint solutions are smart and can detect malware before it has even been categorised by other anti-virus software.

Security solutions made for your business

With many businesses growing fast, it is hard for them to spare the resources for an IT security expert, so relying on outside help from a company like DNA IT Solutions is an ideal option. This allows you to concentrate on your business and let us worry about the threats that lurk online. These aren’t targeting your business specifically, but they spread so wide, fast and randomly that it is easy for any company to be caught in their net. With all-round IT security protection, you can be sure that your business is best protected, and your data – which is essential for day-to-day operations – will be safe.