Managed IT as a service

Managed IT Services DNA IT

What are Managed IT services?

If you’re running your own business, unless you are an IT specialist, you just want your systems to work. You need them to be almost invisible, running in the background, and unnoticeable because they just do everything you want them to do, smoothly and without interruption.

And that is what well-managed IT services can bring to your business. You don’t need to worry about backup, security, recovery and storage, or if you will have enough memory to run the software you need. Everything is taken care of for you, while you focus on doing the things you are good at and building your business.

Why use managed IT services?

  • To create a truly high-end IT system for your business, you could pay a lot of money to buy in the systems you need, and one or more full-time salaries for people to manage it. With outside managed IT, from a reputable, high quality IT service provider, you’ll save money on systems, and reduce costs again as you don’t have to pay full-time salaries and benefits, pensions tax and insurance in addition.
  • Managing your own IT takes your focus away from what you actually do as a business. You have to take the time to have meetings about it, to manage the staff who run your IT systems, and that’s all time that you could be using to move your business forward and increase your profits.
  • You are paying for high-end expertise covering a variety of skills, as and when you need them, rather than having to pay many staff salaries to get the same result.
  • With managed IT services, everything is smoothly run and managed, all in one place by one company, rather than you trying to manage many different systems and options and make them all work together.
  • A fully managed service is flexible, and can easily grow and expand as your business does. Need more storage space? With cloud storage, that’s no problem.A great managed IT service gives you complete peace of mind that your system is always being protected and monitored for potential threats, and that your system is fully optimised for success.
    DNA IT Solutions can provide a full managed service for all your IT needs, with expert advice and guidance to ensure your system always supports your business and grows as you do.  Why not contact us on 01 6510 300 for an expert consultation?