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Are you a high-impact business?

High impact business DNA IT solutions

In a modern business, your IT systems are your lifeblood. You need them to interact with customers, store your data, complete your work, and without them functioning properly, it all comes crashing down. So what have you got in place in case this happens? Could your business recover from losing a day’s work, or even […]

Managed IT as a service

Managed IT Services DNA IT

What are Managed IT services? If you’re running your own business, unless you are an IT specialist, you just want your systems to work. You need them to be almost invisible, running in the background, and unnoticeable because they just do everything you want them to do, smoothly and without interruption. And that is what […]

Deciding on the Right IT partner

Right IT partner DNA IT

When it comes to deciding who to pick as your managed service provider (MSP) you want to make sure that you make the right decision. All types of Irish businesses are turning to managed IT service providers to assist them with their IT needs.  Manufacturers, financial services, distribution companies, in fact most industries are so […]