Taking care of IT

Taking care of IT DNA IT SolutionsTaking care of IT DNA IT Solutions

In every business there are certain essentials that are common to all.  Electricity, phone lines and access to banking are just a few.  The other essential element to any modern business today is IT.

Reliance on IT

With an increasing reliance on technology to run a business, it can be a scary place for many businesses.  Most organisations will have experts in finance, sales and marketing but it would be rare for a medium sized business to be able to hire a full time IT expert.

Your own IT Expert

Outsourcing elements of your business will be a common concept for most.  Many smaller businesses will outsource their accounting function.  If you are looking for expertise in certain areas that you are not familiar with there is no need to employ full time staff when you can outsource the management of this function.

A managed IT service provider (MSP) will have a team that consistently keep up to date on all the newest technology that is available.  They will have expertise working in many industries and may already be knowledgeable in whatever sector you are in.  They will know your requirements and objectives and work with you to achieve them.

Service Offered

As well as providing and fixing issues with computers and equipment, your MSP will provide a service that will enable you to perform with confidence.  Some little known areas that you may need assistance in are:

Users:  Your team are your best asset but they can also be a threat to your security – without them even knowing it.  Your IT partner will set authorised access levels for staff to ensure they can only access what they need to on a day to day basis.  They will make them aware of security threats, help protect their mobile devices and offer training on cyber security.

Security:  There are many threats to your business, not just the burglar but cyber criminals are a bigger worry.  Your IT partner will ensure you have the right layers of security to help protect you from a data breach or various viruses and malware that can bring your business to a halt.

Cloud:  You may have been considering a move to the cloud, but is it right for you at this moment in time?  Your IT partner will help you decide if you should migrate or stay as you are.  They will also help you look to the future and provide a solution that not only works today but is flexible enough to scale when your business grows.

At DNA IT Solutions we are an independent managed IT Service Provider.  We work with a variety of world class vendors.  This means we have many options at our fingertips to create a solution without putting pressure on you to purchase something in particular.

We offer advice based on our experience with the most popular technology available today.   We work with businesses large and small and all will get access to whatever they need.  We also discuss disaster recovery and help you put the plan in place around business continuity.

DNA IT Solutions don’t just offer back-up – we have your back!   For more information or a consultation please contact our team today.