Layers rather than a single solution for IT Security

Layers for IT Security DNA IT

A virus is a piece of code which is able to copy itself and infect a system and in turn destroy data.  This corruption can have an extremely detrimental effect on any business.

With each virus getting more sophisticated as they are created, it takes global leading technology to stay ahead of the game.   As the hackers get more access to resources it makes it easier to create an attack.  With users more dependent on IT to run their businesses, the hackers can take advantage of any small vulnerability.

Insider Threat

Your biggest asset could also be the biggest threat to the security of your data.  Your staff might end up doing you huge damage, without any intention and much remorse later.  Many attacks will happen as a result of an email to an internal end user.

An email can be the start of a phishing attack.  Many of the successful ones look very real with less of the wrong spelling, bad grammar and more of the good graphic design.  It’s big business so there is more thought being put into them by the cyber criminals.  They know they can generate big money so attacks are more sophisticated and new ones coming on stream all the time, spreading faster and wider than ever.

Single Solution

There is no single solution for the threat of ransomware.  However, you can work to prevent the attack and having processes in place to recover from an attack.   The solution is a combination of layers of security.

Antivirus – Having antivirus software that is up to date and fit for the task of checking all files against known threats is vital.  Network monitoring will ensure emails are filtered so most malicious ones will never even get to the user.

Patches – As vulnerabilities in software are identified the manufacturer will issue notification for a patch that is required for protection.  Your systems should be updated regularly with the latest ones, sealing the gap where a security leak could happen.

Back up – Regular backups that are stored securely and a full systems backup will form a solid back up plan.  Should an attack occur you need to have a plan in place to have a copy of your data ready to be uploaded so you can keep in business. For critical industries, this could include back up of devices in a real-time situation.  This is part of disaster recovery processes that guarantee business continuity should the worst happen.

Secure systems – Another must have is file encryption.  Use systems that are safe for sharing information, such as Autotask file sync and share.  This allows the team to collaborate securely from multiple locations with familiar programmes such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  But without the worry of data being breached.

User training – Staff should be aware of the risks and management should have procedures in place to update skills.  Knowing what to look out for, how to spot something and also what to do if in doubt could divert a catastrophe.

For more information on Autotask as part of your security solution contact the team at DNA IT Solution.   We work with businesses just like you to provide you with the IT infrastructure that allows you to operate effectively in today’s world.