Time to move to the cloud?

moving to cloud DNA IT Solutions

Servers. From room-filled machines with massive spools of tape, through large clunky boxes demanding an air-conditioned room of their own, to discrete boxes in a small cabinet at the back of the office – servers have been the dedicated core of business data infrastructure for over half a century.

Is it time to move on?

Technology advances, we all know it, and with every advance comes a little moment of insecurity, where making a move from what we know to the new best thing takes a little leap of faith – a jump into the unknown.

The transition we are talking about is, of course, from in-house servers to that of the cloud.  An evocative name which conjures images of bright sunlit skies and fluffy balls of cotton wool – maybe it’s the word itself which makes it feel so insubstantial, but what is the truth?

Cloud storage is reliable.

It is nothing more nor less than off-site servers run by providers who have the dedicated infrastructure in place to look after the data for thousands of companies. It is maintained by the finest back-up solutions and redundancy systems and staffed by the finest professionals. Essentially it is outsourcing your data storage.

Cloud storage is secure.

With their reputation central to their business, data stored in the cloud is given the highest priority to its security, with top class encryption options available for sensitive data. You can also choose from private clouds, public clouds or a hybrid system to fit your security needs.

Cloud storage is scalable.

Need more storage space? Simply increase your allowance. No need to buy more expensive hardware or reconfigure hard drives.

Cloud storage is flexible.

If you want to use it for file data, emails, shared documentation, a mixture of those or more, a solution can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Cloud storage is everywhere.

Work from home? Need documents while on the road? Access your data as if you were in the office from anywhere.

Cloud storage is cost effective.

No more upgrades. No more server maintenance. No more fears over building security.

Is it time for you to move to the cloud? Very probably, yes!

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