Avoiding Catastrophe

Disaster Recovery DNA IT

Disaster. The very word invokes a feeling of serious solemnity. The thesaurus offers alternative such as ‘tragedy’, ‘ruin’ and ‘catastrophe’ – all something any right-minded person would like to avoid.

Disaster Recovery

In business, serious IT infrastructure or data issues can become exactly that – a disaster, and depending on the scale of the issue, that disaster can bring total ruin to your business. Imagine if you lost all your customer data, or the company finance records. Even the relatively low-end disasters such as a loss of company email systems, or last week’s research, can be debilitating enough to wreak havoc to a business both in terms of finances and morale.

Thankfully, there are solutions.

At DNA IT, we are experts in disaster recovery and often things you believed were gone forever can be painstakingly recovered with the right amount of time and skill.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a plan in place, however? A disaster recovery and business continuity plan, complete with back-up solutions, data encryption and off-site cloud storage of important data can make the difference between a company crumbling and nothing more than an afternoon’s disruption.

It may not be possible to anticipate every eventuality, but with a solid solution in place, we can do away with words like ‘ruin’ and ‘tragedy’ and replace them with ‘excuse for an impromptu coffee break’ or, if your back up solution needs to ensure zero loss of service, a seamless switch over to a redundant system.

Business Needs

Tailoring your defences to meet the needs of your business is important. Downtime is lost money for any business, but if you are central to providing a service to others, it can be a lot more serious than a company that runs independently. Scaling your solution to provide the right options at the right level for your business is key.

Dealing with the unexpected is part of life, and as humans, we excel in adapting to new situations, but why gamble with your business? Forget crossing your fingers in hope, and call us today for some expert advice and a new IT disaster recovery solution to meet your needs.