Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Adoption with IBM Cloud & VMware

Hybrid Cloud DNA IT

At enterprise level, hybrid cloud is becoming the new normal.

With so many platforms and tools the transformation can seem confusing, complex and expensive.   Hybrid integrates the economy and efficiency of cloud with your existing on premises infrastructure.  While going hybrid will bring new challenges these can be easily solved by choosing the right products and partner to guide you through.

Streamline Hybrid Cloud  

In order to try to accelerate and automate the process two global leading forces have joined together.   IBM and VMware are working together to offer joint virtualisation solutions and hybrid cloud infrastructure.  Their aim is to streamline hybrid cloud adoption that will enable you to extend existing workloads to the cloud through full access to native VMware software.

Easy to manage

You will manage workloads in the cloud in the same way you would access them on premises while also benefiting from the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the cloud.  By creating a seamless Hybrid Cloud Environment there will be no need to modify security, storage or networking.  Your IT staff can use their existing skillset and tools and the new automation technologies from IBM and VMware equate to hours rather than weeks.


It is possible to move non-production sites like dev test and demo to the IBM cloud which is flexible, scalable and secure and will support activities such as these.  Using the cloud allows expansion quickly and is less costly because new on premise servers and equipment are not necessary.  Consolidating what you already have in a VMware centrally managed cloud foundation means you can produce the best possible option for your business.

Reducing cost and risk

By streamlining lengthy backup and restore processes you will save both time and money.  The added security of cloud based backup and recovery will reduce risk.  With IBM and VMware you can instantly scale virtual and bare metal resources on demand across a global network of secure datacentres.

This exciting offering is opening up opportunities for organisations all over the globe.  DNA IT Solutions are partners of both IBM and VMware so we can offer our clients this option.  You can use our experience and get access to this solution for your business.  To explore this option in more depth contact us.