Data security in the cloud

Data Security cloud DNA IT

Many businesses are moving to the cloud and their primary motivation for this move is the cost savings and flexibility it offers.  However, there is another significant benefit to be gained and that is increased security for data.

Protecting Data

When you hold sensitive customer data you have an obligation to keep that information safe.  If this data is compromised it will leave an organisation in a negative situation which may cost more than just a loss of a client.  And with the new GDPR coming into force next year this makes the protection of data a regulatory issue.

While breaches do happen in the cloud, attacks on traditional data centres are more frequent.   The main advantage is that the cloud actively helps increase security so threats are mostly eliminated before they can reach the users account.

New ways to attack the cloud

Hackers have always been around and are not likely to disappear anytime soon.  They have just moved location using their existing tactics to try attack the cloud.  Their methods are becoming much more sophisticated so it is vital that your information is protected to the highest level.  Much can be prevented if the data is encrypted throughout its cloud journey from sending to receiving.

Lost Data

Lost Data can be a disaster for any company in any industry and can impact greatly on the day to day running of the business well into the future.  Certain regulations mean that documents must be kept for a number of years and should these be stored somewhere that is not secure the loss of them can be a legal nightmare.

Even losing records of past work, proposal documents or customer records might seem less important but they can have long reaching negative repercussions.

Increased security

The cloud helps increase security as the appropriate level can be built in from the start.  The right provider will ensure your data is securely managed to a level you are comfortable with.  You will be able to choose from public or private cloud to suit your needs.  There will also be the option of a hybrid cloud where you can mix cloud with your on-premises storage.

Whichever you choose, the safety and security of your data is of paramount importance. Protect it in the cloud.  You can speak to one of our cloud service experts to get advice on any aspect of cloud or security.