The modern office – is it an office at all?

Modern Office DNA IT

“A room or part of a building in which people work, especially sitting at tables with computers, phones, etc., usually as a part of a business or other organisation”, at least that’s what ‘office’ is described as in the Cambridge Dictionary. The reality of today’s office is very different of course, with agile and fluid working practices meaning modern organisations look very different in terms of how they work as well as where they work. Is your office keeping up with the times? Delve in and discover the modern office.

Hot-desking, home working and the end of desktops

Long gone are the days where we need to be at our desks in order to work. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones make it possible to work anywhere, leading to a rise in home and flexible working. With fewer people in the office at a given time, hot desking is becoming more popular, while some businesses don’t have a fixed base at all.

Connected working through the cloud

IT hardware is expensive to purchase, maintain and upgrade. Storing data on expensive, heat generating servers is now outdated as more companies move towards cloud networking and storage. Through cloud connectivity, workers can work on projects anywhere in the world, accessing key files and making real-time changes that are making us more productive than ever.

With increased power comes great responsibility

The modern office environment is great, but poses a risk in terms of data protection and security – businesses who operate online and out of the office are at a greater risk of data threats. Unsecured servers, malware emails and other security risks can all have serious consequences for your business.

How to move forward towards the modern office

With more and more businesses moving towards the cloud and more modern ways of working, it’ll be vital that your own organisation keeps up the pace. A trusted technology solutions company can help you to make the transition with ease, taking care of setup and installation as well as managing your service and providing ongoing support. A managed service can benefit businesses of all sizes, making sure your technology moves forward with you.

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