What is cloud computing?

What is Cloud computing DNA IT

Cloud computing enables organisations of any size and in any sector to run modern IT solutions with the minimum of fuss and no expert knowledge required in-house.

What is cloud computing?

In reality, ‘in the cloud’ simply means via the internet. All the valuable IT resources you may need to operate your business are provided to you, often on a self-service basis as needs arise. There isn’t the need for that expensive kit physically on-site taking up precious space in your office. Instead, they are located securely in remote locations, overseen by expert IT professionals such as those at DNA IT Solutions, who provide all the support and know how you would expect from your own internal IT department.

As an analogy, you will have seen many of the safe and secure self-storage warehouses where you can store belongings when you don’t have space at home. You still have 24 hour access to them, they are still yours but they are stored and protected probably even more securely than in your own home. Cloud computing provides the same and more for your IT needs.

The flexibility of cloud storage

Cloud computing however, is not just about hardware such as servers and back-up drives. The Cloud now also applies to software, data protection, disaster recovery, and even telephony. Everything a modern business needs to succeed and stay ahead of competitors can be supported via cloud computing, with cloud solutions also often working more seamlessly together than an ad-hoc traditional IT solution that has been built over the years. Choosing cloud computing makes your IT systems more dynamic, more cutting edge and more reactive to change where required. For example, if you suddenly need additional Terabytes of storage to perhaps cover a new short-term project, a cloud storage solution provides instantaneous additional space with the minimum amount of hassle, and once no longer needed can be switched off again. There’s no need to buy an additional drive, fit it and configure it to your existing system. Cloud storage is instant and flexible.

Security and access

By using a trusted and proven cloud provider like DNA IT Solutions, you also get the peace of mind that your IT infrastructure is always on, automatically upgrading to combat the latest threats and running safely and smoothly every day so you can concentrate on running the other elements of your business.