Deciding on the Right IT partner

Right IT partner DNA IT

When it comes to deciding who to pick as your managed service provider (MSP) you want to make sure that you make the right decision.

All types of Irish businesses are turning to managed IT service providers to assist them with their IT needs.  Manufacturers, financial services, distribution companies, in fact most industries are so reliant on their IT systems to function that they recognise the need to protect themselves.  They also recognise the cost savings involved with having the right partner providing the right services.

Reasons to engage an MSP

Security can be high on the agenda when it comes to engaging a MSP, as can IT support, back up, monitoring and transitioning to the cloud.  But a MSP will provide even more services than just ‘fixing a computer’.  The right provider will be a one stop shop that will help your business function today and plan for your expansion tomorrow.

So, how do you pick the right partner?  While many will offer similar products, not all providers are equal.  If you recognise the following traits in your potential new MSP then you might want to sign up immediately.

They ‘ASK’ rather than ‘TELL’

A good provider will have a look at the systems and software you already have in place and ask you about your business objectives.  Only when they know what your plans are will they be able to guide you in the right direction so your IT infrastructure can support you.  Others may come and tell you what you need and try to enforce a one size fits all option, be wary of these.

They will have a Team

When you need help, support or advice you need to be able to access your provider immediately.  The days of the one-man show are numbered in this industry.  A reputable MSP will have built up a team of experts who have experience in many areas and industries.  You need access to service every working day – not when somebody can fit you in.  When you can access a pool of different skill sets is can allow you to operate on the same level with companies 10 times your size.

Their focus will be on you

When a MSP has similar clients to you then will know your needs even before you realise them yourself.   They may seem to anticipate your next move, that is because they have the experience of other similar clients.  They will focus on you because they want to be your partner for the long term.  They will want to work with you, not for you.

It’s not always only about price, it is about finding the right fit for your business.  Somebody that is big enough to have the capabilities to provide you with the most up to date technology and skills.  However, small enough to be agile in their work practices and to offer individual customer care.

We here at DNA IT Solutions believe we could be the ideal managed IT service provider for you.  Give us a call today to discuss your needs and maybe we would be the right partner you have been searching for.