The main benefits of Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Computing DNA IT

Cloud computing has many benefits for business today.

The flexibility it brings means that services can be scaled to fit individual organisation needs.  Applications can be customised and the many cloud services available can be accessed from anywhere in the world once there is access to the internet.

Here are some of the main benefits of cloud computing

  1. Speed

Cloud computing services are designed in a way to be accessed on demand meaning that users can get applications to the market quickly.  There are no concerns about infrastructure installations and the associated wait time that would come with that.  With the huge resources available and by using the right provider, cloud services can be increased in a short period of time, sometimes even minutes.  This flexibility and ease of access can increase opportunities for many organisations.

  1. Cost

As cloud computing is a shared resource that already exists, it is waiting for organisations to access it.  The alternative is investing in expensive hardware such as internal servers and the associated facilities that go with them.  The cloud is there waiting to be accessed and at a much lower cost and with greater flexibility to meet budgets at a monthly cost without depreciation or the worry of unexpected maintenance costs.

  1. Scale

Having the ability to scale up or down as the market dictates is a great advantage.   You pay for what you use, when you use it rather than having too much capacity at certain times.  It is so scalable that extra resources can be switched on quickly to complete projects and then reduced when not needed.  This controls costs of cloud storage or power over the financial year.

  1. Security

With more organisations than ever entrusting their data to the cloud network it is vital that data remains secure at all times.   Cloud makes perfect sense when it comes to disaster recovery planning.  Holding backups off site will make business continuity possible in the event of something happening.  Having security options that are designed to be used in conjunction with the cloud will also heighten protection for organisations.


  1. Performance

With advances in cloud storage in recent years the global network of data centres are known to be fast and secure.   As these centres are maintained at the highest levels with assurances that hardware is the latest version and all necessary software will be upgraded regularly.   Compared to on site servers where IT teams must individually look at each element maintaining it with budget constraints.  Resulting in less IT issues and a better performance

These are only some of the more obvious benefits of cloud computing.  There are many options to suit different size companies and sectors.  To find out how cloud computing may fit into your business plans contact one of the team at DNA IT Solutions.  We can explain how you can successfully transition to the cloud in a cost effective and future proofing way.