Advice on making the move to the cloud

Advice on moving to the Cloud DNA IT Solutions

When you hear about the many benefits of moving your business to the cloud it will be no surprise that you may want to get on the project immediately.  However, before you make that final decision you may want to consider your options and look at all the pros and cons.   Sometimes when the concept becomes over complicated it can create barriers that may prevent you moving forward.  A little time spent in consideration of the strategy will be time well spent

Cloud is an opportunity

Here is some basic advice on what to think about while making your decision to start your journey to the cloud;

Don’t get too enthusiastic – Think about what you actually need and what you can you manage.  Maybe you don’t need enterprise level solutions at this stage.  Choose a suitable platform for your business and only buy what you need.  Having too much to handle will only cause problems.

Make a Plan – Ensure it’s a good plan and endeavor to stick to it.  A plan will let you get the work done in time and on budget.  Choose who will manage the project and take responsibility to lead the team with encouragement.  Achieving the objectives will be the reward.

Watch the Costs – Make sure you look at all the costs involved and decide if they fit in your budget.  You will want to compare with what you previously had.  If you are spending more, then justify it with showing what are you going to achieve in the long term.

Reliable and Secure – Are you sure you totally depend on your new technology infrastructure?  It must be reliable with methods in place to prevent outages and fit into your disaster recovery planning.  It must be secure and while cloud will have its own security layers, you will have to implement and handle security aspects relating your data.

Be Ready – Your legacy systems may not initially suit the newer cloud offerings so you may need a hybrid system for now.  You can have short term and medium term plans to suit your migration to the cloud.  It does not have to be all or nothing in the start.

These are only a few considerations for your business when it decides to move to the cloud.  At DNA IT solutions we assist companies just like yours to move seamlessly to the cloud every day of the week.  For more advice, you can speak to our team.