Secure Wi-Fi with WatchGuard

Secure Wifi watchguard DNA IT Solutions

In this rapid-paced modern age of constant connectivity, Wi-Fi internet is an absolute must if you want to run an efficient and effective business.

Secure Network

However, speed is not the only quality to look for when selecting a Wi-Fi provider; you must also consider how secure your network is and also look for other helpful features that you can use to take your business to the next level. That’s where WatchGuard comes in.

WatchGuard utilizes a patented security system for their Wi-Fi services. Known as WIPS (which is short for Wireless Intrusion Prevention System), this security is excellent when it comes to defending your network from access attempts by unauthorised devices, intrusions, and even malicious attacks (such as denial-of-service attacks). WIPS can also help to protect and prevent rogue APs (also known as rogue access points), which can compromise the integrity of your network.

Access for Guests

But wireless security isn’t the only benefit you get when you choose WatchGuard. You will also be able to set up Wi-Fi access for your guests that is customised according to your needs and desires. Guest usernames and passwords can be created as needed or in advance with minimal hassle.

You can even integrate your guest Wi-Fi with social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) in order to allow your guests to sign in using those social media log-ins. Furthermore, you can utilise your guest Wi-Fi as a means of additional advertising by incorporating stylish landing pages featuring your company’s products and services.

You will also be able to utilise WatchGuard’s Cloud service, which allows you to access your network and files from multiple access points should you need to do so. You can also customise your Cloud grouping according to your needs; you can have it for one floor of your building, or one specific department, and so on.

Reporting Features

WatchGuard also comes with customisable usage reports that keep you up to date on how your network is functioning. These report can tell you critical information such as bandwidth consumption, application visibility, signal strength, signal coverage, and RF performance.

There are also Analytics tools that can help you to track site usage (such as which sites received more traffic or how many devices logged in during a certain period of time). Ultimately, if you’re looking for an excellent service that can provide you with an effective and secure Wi-Fi network while also offering a great selection of other useful features, WatchGuard is a great option to consider.

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