The Business Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

Business Challenge of the Cloud DNA IT Solutions

It is estimated that over 75% of Irish businesses are deploying cloud technology, with many already planning to increase their deployment in the coming years.

Cloud computing platforms and technologies are advancing rapidly and it can be difficult to keep up to date.  Many already know about the many benefits of cloud such as scalability, cost effectiveness and added efficiency.  Add to that the many options such as public, private or hybrid cloud and there really is something to suit every business.

We look at the challenges that a business might consider when making the decision to start their journey to the cloud.

The Challenges to moving operations to the cloud:

Not knowing where to start –  It will seem like an overwhelming project at the initial stages.  In many cases this will deter some, while others might delay and miss out.  It is time to be brave and find out as much information as you can before you make any decisions.

Worrying about getting it right – It is important to ensure you are selecting the right platform.  Not all cloud is the same, public cloud may be the right place for you as a smaller business.  However, depending on your industry regulations you may require private cloud.  Getting it right for your own business needs is important.

Fear of new processes – Most of us do not like change.  Moving to cloud will create changes to the way the business will operate.  There may be difficulties getting the team on board, some will be resistant to change.  The timeline will be a concern to some and having the management confident in the decision they are making will make the transition easier.

Not having a strategy – When you know why you are making the move to the cloud and you have your objectives defined you can create a clear strategy.  Is it for better performance or reducing costs?  A significant change like this needs a clear strategy so you want to know why you are doing it in the first place.

Concerns about security – With so much ‘fake news’ regarding how safe the cloud is, it is no wonder that those not familiar with it will worry about the safety of their data.  Your cloud provider will give you all the reassurance you need.  With thousands of organisations having made this journey before you, you can have peace of mind.

The time it will take – Concerned with the amount of time this project will take?  Finding out the real facts will give you a clear timeline from planning to implementation.  Time is money and downtime is not something any business wants.   The transition should be clearly defined and measured.

While all these challenges will naturally occur to any business decision maker, they should not be concerning enough to stop considering the cloud for business.  With the right experienced partner leading the way, your journey to the cloud should be a success story.

DNA IT Solutions help businesses like yours every day of the week to transition to the cloud.  We create bespoke project plans for businesses of all sizes in many sectors.  You can speak with our team of experts for more information.