What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services DNA IT Solutions

You may have heard the term ‘Managed Print Services’ and you could be curious to know how it would improve your business.

Managed Print Service is a way of gaining visibility and taking control of your printing which in turn can help you create efficiency and in turn save money.

Saving Money

Appointing a company to manage all aspects of the printing needs for your business can not only save money but can make life easier in many ways. They will start with assessing the equipment you already have to see if it can be optimised in any way.  They look at your history and your goals to create the right plan which will remove inefficient devices and replace them with ones better suited.

An experience provider will know what will suit your business based on its size and the nature of the business.  Knowing the right level and the right product for you to ensure it fits within your budget.

Networked equipment

Local printers are less efficient as they only service one user.  They are costly to use and service so a move to a networked printer that can be used by many makes sense.  This placed in a great position in the office so all can use will make it easy to access, improving workflow and result in maximising the usage of the device.

Photocopiers is another area where costs can be reduced.  Giving each employee a PIN to use the machine will make it easy to monitor use by department.  By monitoring devices, your provider can automatically order cartridges so they do not run out.  You know, it always happens at crucial times and you cannot afford any unnecessary downtime.

One vendor

Moving this onto a vendor that already looks after your IT means one less vendor to manage.  There will be cost savings due to scale and no nasty surprises as maintenance costs are all built in.   Your provider will ensure help is to hand when you need it via their helpdesk.  Any training or servicing will be done quickly.

Quality equipment will make it less likely to experience breakdowns and give top quality copies consistently.  Newer equipment will also allow remote printing for staff that want to print remotely away from the office.  The beauty of having an expert providing managed print services means that all systems are designed bespoke for your business.

Maybe it is time you considered moving to a managed print service provider to save you time and reduce the pressures on your business.