Paying too much for storage?

Paying too much for storage_ DNA IT Solutions

Are you old enough to remember cassette tapes in cars?  Or renting out a VHS tape from the video shop in the town?  If you are not, ask your dad!  There’s a reason the younger generation will laugh at the idea of tapes with the technology that is around today.

Tape Backup

There are still many businesses that will do a tape backup when it comes copying data. Tape backup involves copying data from a primary storage device and storing it on a cartridge.  These tapes are then placed in a safe place and can be used should there be a system failure or loss of information.  Many are done manually and can involve arranging downtime while the backup is being done.


While this might be a fine solution for smaller business, many others are moving away from tape management for a variety of reasons.  The high volume of data generated means it is becoming more cumbersome and time consuming to use this method.  The option of cloud storage is becoming more and more attractive.  This is an option which is relatively low cost and highly scalable which is a very attractive combination.  The added benefit of being easy to change to this method and integrate into the existing system is welcome.

Data Storage

Keeping data for 90 days should be the norm and anything older than this should be archived.  Using short term storage for old information is a waste of resources.  Long term archive storage is cost effective and ideal for data that has to be kept for many years such as patient data.   If you use short term storage for everything it is costing you too much money.  Cloud storage is limitless and cost effective in comparison.

Cloud object storage allows the storage of data sources such as video, audio, mri scans, xray files, all of which can be archived.   All this flexibility and endless storage options are why many organisations are making that move towards cloud storage.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is an unstructured data storage service designed for durability, resiliency and security. Get your data to the cloud faster, analyse it in place and archive it for less.  For more information on IBM Cloud you can speak with DNA IT Solutions.  As a cloud partner with IBM we can offer tailor made solutions for your business.