Why Web Security is High on the Agenda for Irish SMEs

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The management team of any SME should understand the value of reducing the risks associated with web security.

Any negative impact on your IT security could produce significant business losses.  It may be time to look at what you are currently doing to protect your network and see what improvements need to be made.

Everybody is online now, if you are visible then you are vulnerable.  All businesses will have data, email systems and file networks that are vital to the everyday operation and therefore open to attack.  It’s not just the loss of data, but the resulting loss in reputation, damage and loss of business that will cause concern.

How vulnerable is your business?

Outdated software and systems will leave you vulnerable to attack.  There should be patch management on every piece of software on all your company computers.  In 2017 wannacry attack exploited out of date software on pcs and caused mayhem throughout the world.    This could happen to any company that is not current with their updates.

Not completing network backups regularly is another dangerous game.  If your systems just disappeared overnight how would you recover them?  If they are not backed up regularly, you may lose weeks or months’ worth of information.

Are your employees up to date with IT security protocols?  Phishing emails and other threats are sent everyday around the world.  Will they know what not to click on?  Don’t assume that they all know, a bit of education on the threats will go along way. One click can result in disaster so put another layer of security in before it can be clicked.

Web Security

Web security needs to become as important as email security and anti-virus, as all three work hand in hand to protect organisations against online threats.  With web security there would be automatically scanning for threats to help avoid disaster.  Restricting access for staff for websites that might cause issues with data loss is important.  Analysing emails that may have a risk of carrying ransomware, looking at downloadable content away from your system, just in case it is unsafe.

DNA IT Solutions offer Fusemail as part of our IT Security offering.  We like it as we can build to suit your needs.  It helps protect your organisation from web-based threats, controls internet browsing and enforces web usage policies to users.

FuseMail enables businesses around the world to communicate with confidence every day. The cloud based services provide simple, secure, and scalable solutions for email security, spam/virus filtering, archiving, encryption, web security and email hosting.

Talk to DNA IT Solutions about FuseMail and let us help protect your business from harmful risks.