What is Sharepoint?

what is sharepoint DNA IT Solutions

What actually is SharePoint and how can it work for your business?

That’s a question we are often asked by businesses in all sectors and of all sizes.  It’s certainly a great tool for business today and it is surprising how many people don’t know about it.

SharePoint for Business

SharePoint is a web based platform that seamlessly integrates with Office.  Essentially it is a document management and storage system that is used by thousands of businesses around the world.  It’s not a single software program but rather somewhere where several programs can run to make up a solution for business.

The beauty of SharePoint is that it can be made just for you.  It can be configured to suit smaller or larger organisations easily.  It’s built to suit the business needs of that particular organisation.


With SharePoint one can share files and information with others.  This makes the data easy to find and manage, saving time and headaches.  By allowing easy collaboration within the organisation it leads to efficiencies.  You can share your files wherever you might be and with the fluid way we work today that is a great benefit.

Update your files from the home office and share with others outside the organisation if you wish.  All in a secure platform that will be familiar even to those without advanced IT skills.


OneDrive integrates with Office and you can track the history of activities.  Again the ability to access the files securely is a great benefit.  However, by using SharePoint it allows more advanced collaboration with teams.

There are so many benefits.  Sharing information in an efficient easy to use platform will help engage the team.  Sharing resources on portals that are secure will keep management happy.  Productivity is increased as you gather and manage data and files.  Tasks are managed and data is modified.

There are lots of activities you can monitor within the platform.  Notifications and approvals, workflows, lists, library, forms and custom apps for mobile devices, the list goes on.  Deployed on the network as a collection of intranet sites, it lets each department control its own data while letting them collaborate when required.  All accessible through a url that can be accessed wherever you are with internet access.

So now you know what SharePoint is, don’t you think it is time you considered it for your business?