The Impact of a Security Breach

Impact of a security breach DNA IT Solutions

A recent report stated that cybercrime in Ireland is double global levels.

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors have been affected.  Looking at these trends, those cyber-attacks are only going to increase in the coming years.

Devastating Costs

Traditional crimes such as burglary or arson will have a detrimental effect on any business.  However, the costs of computer crime can be even higher and more devastating in many ways.

All size businesses must assess their risks individually.  It’s been shown that the chances of a smaller business having a breach is much greater and the likelihood of them making a full recovery is a lot less.  Why?  Because they don’t have the infrastructure in place to both protect them from attack and help them recover should such a disaster occur.

More Information

Both the attacks and risk of attack have been there for some time but there has never been so much processing and storage of information as there is today.  There is also more dependency on IT systems and therefore cyber crime has become very lucrative.  The hackers know the high impact they can create on a business.  Their knowledge is growing and the attacks are increasingly becoming more sophisticated.

It’s not just something related to the ‘computer systems going down’, it could be the business going down the drain.   An attack can mean loss of data and downtime which in turn could affect your business negatively.  Losing customers, loss of revenue and damage to reputation are all scary notions. There may be an impact on cash flow, possible fines for regulations broken and higher premiums for insurance at the least.


How to Protect

Having the correct processes in place to help prevent that attack is the first priority.  This will include having the right software to identify an issue and prevent it.  User training is also a key part of protecting your business, informing staff on simple safety measures they can implement.  And having a plan in place should a disaster occur so you can recover quickly from it and ensure business continuity.

You need to have a plan in place and you need expert advice for that.  Don’t leave your business open to attack, talk to the team at DNA IT Solutions to see how we can help.