GDPR – Your Challenge, Our Solution

GDPR challenge DNA IT Solutions

With the introduction of GDPR comes a whole new set of challenges that all businesses must face.

Data protection has always been high on the list of priorities for our clients but is now more critical than ever.  With such a variety of clients in many sectors, we must offer a range of solutions that work together to provide the ultimate protection.

Our experience has shown us that we can break down the requirements for data protection into three main sectors – People, Processes and Proper Tools.

Data Protection & People

Your employees can be the most important asset but they can also be a threat to the security of your information.   The majority of data breaches are unintentional but can still cause a lot of serious issues for the organisation.   Lost laptops, files left on trains, files shared by mistake – all human error but unfortunately all too common.

To safe guard against these data losses there are solutions that can be employed to secure data.  The first is file sharing in secure ways using information that is encrypted.  This allows the freedom needed to share projects yet strong control.  With remote working it is important to employ methods to protect mobile devices and manage devices effectively.  In addition, CRM systems that can run in the cloud are secure and accessible to authorised users.


Data Protection & Processes

Having the correct procedures and processes in place will prevent privilege misuse.  Insider threats can be avoided by setting user access levels and having credential authentication ensuring only the right people can access information.  User training is vital when it comes to issues such as cyber security and email phishing.  Monitoring web use can be a useful method of preventing malware and ransomware issues.  Procedures can be put in place by your IT team that will encompass all these methods of protecting company data.  All the while ensuring your processes are compliant with GDPR requirements and allow your team to work effectively.

Data Protection & Proper Tools

Once you have looked at the people and processes element you must then enable them with the proper tools to do the job.  There is not only one solution, protection involves different layers depending on your business.  Detection and prevention work hand in hand to offer protection at all points.  World class antivirus and security software can be employed with hardware you can trust.   Email systems that are tamper proof, allow secure archiving and less chance of phishing will protect your business against attack.

Having an expert team providing you with a security solution to suit your needs, world leading technology and full support will help prevent data breaches and keep your information secure.

The Full Data Protection Picture

When it comes to protecting your business data you need a full solution.  Disaster Recovery planning should be on your agenda to ensure business continuity should the worst happen.  Planning and testing against data loss and suitable backup strategies are vital.  Cloud options that are trustworthy and the provision of dedicated private space where needed are all considerations.

DNA IT Solutions work hard to keep client’s data secure in order to help them to be compliant in GDPR.   We work with expert GDPR consultants to provide a robust solution for organisations of all sizes.  For more information on options for your business get in contact with us today.