5 IT Challenges your Business will Face

5 IT challenges DNA IT Solutions

Starting your own business is a challenge, growing it to become a successful business is an even bigger challenge.   There are many business challenges that we face and overcome every week, that’s what makes it so exciting.

The challenge of hiring great staff, the challenge of financing your dreams, the challenge of building your brand and making money are common to most businesses.  When it comes to IT within a business, that also comes with its own challenges.

Common IT Challenges

Based on our experience over the many years we have been meeting new clients to discuss IT, we believe that these are the 5 most common challenges that a business faces in this area:

  1. To retain a competitive edge

In order to keep up with your competitors you need to have certain systems in place.  If you want to access new markets, streamline your processes or launch new services you will need IT agility.  When you have to catch up fast and jump on opportunities as they emerge you need the IT infrastructure in place to do so.

  1. Technology that works for you

IT should be there when you need it but something you don’t have to think about.  You need reliable systems, proven technology and access to the best available products in the market.  You don’t need downtime or issues holding you up and damaging your reputation.

  1. Data secure but accessible by team

With more fluid work practices it is essential that you team can access data remotely but in a secure fashion.  You can’t afford a data breach or loss of information.  You must consider disaster recovery planning and ensure you have your data backed up securely with layers of security protecting it at every stage.

  1. IT budget and resources

While IT is essential to your business you may not think you have the budget to afford the best systems.  However, when you have a solution that is tailored to your needs you will only pay for what you need.  Fixed monthly costs that are priced for SMEs and offer cost effective enterprise technology available to all.

  1. Ability to grow

Your business will probably look much different in 5 years’ time.  That is why you need systems that are right for today and ready to grow for tomorrow.  Built with the future in mind will save you time and money in the long term.


Are any of these challenges familiar to you?   If you are struggling with IT and the challenges seem to great, then it’s time you spoke to our expert team.  We are ready to offer you a consultation and come up with solutions to suit your plans.