Protect your business from Ransomware

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All organisations are increasing their reliance on IT for the day to day running of their business.

There is more sharing of information and storage of data in a digital format.  There are more remote workers and that is the shape of the modern enterprise – people working from home, working remotely on site, working while on the go.   With this sharing of data comes great advantages but it is accompanied by increased risks also.

Cyber Criminals

Cyber criminals are on the lookout for businesses they can target.  They look for the ones that are vulnerable.  According to World back up day, 60 million computers will fail in the next 12 months, 30% of us do not back up and 10% of computers are infected with a virus each month.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are especially vulnerable.  Users can unwittingly download malicious files that will infect a device or even put them in a situation where ransomware holds their data for hostage.


We all remember WannaCry.  Once it had infected a device, it encrypted files, displays a “ransom note” and demanded bitcoin payment.  In a situation like that many panicked users just paid up making it more attractive for the cyber criminals to plan their next attack.

You might imagine that it takes much expertise, time and resources to create something like WannaCry.  However, ransomware kits are easily accessible and virus protection only recognises existing strains.  That is why back up is such an important element of your security solution.

Protect your business

The good news is that there are ways of protecting both your data and your business.  Security products that add a layer of security to email systems will help prevent malicious emails from arriving in the user’s inbox.  Security training for end users can be helpful in allowing them to identify an email that may cause issues.  Protection not just for the PCs in the office, but for all mobile devices is crucial with remote working practices.

Even if you do get attacked, you can put in place processes to ensure that the data that is lost is restored.  A proper backup plan will ensure you have copies of the files stored in another location that is secure and readily accessible by your IT team.  Restored within hours not days, enabling you to get on with your business.

Ransomware is a scary word but with the right IT Security you can reduce your risk and have methods in place to counteract an attack.  To discuss your options, talk to the team at DNA IT Solutions today.