The Top 5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Top 5 Benefits of managed IT DNA IT

One valuable piece of advice that is given to business owners when they start out on their journey is to stick to what they are good at and outsource all the other tasks.

It’s great advice when it comes to accounts, human resources and various administration tasks.  It’s even better advice when it comes to outsourcing the management of the IT systems.   Most businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to function every day and the cost of having a system that fails can be immense.

So when it comes to outsourcing what are the main benefits?

  1. Access to Enterprise Level Technology

The right managed service provider will have a suite of products and services available to their clients.  They will already know what you will need and the best options for your industry requirements.  As a small business you can gain access to the newest technologies and the best support that normally only the bigger global companies can get.

  1. Less downtime

Downtime costs you money – every time!  When your IT systems are fit for purpose, monitored 24 hours a day and upgraded as required you will have less issues.  Your managed service provider will be proactive and address any risks  before they develop into an issue.  You can’t work when your email or order system is down so don’t leave yourself wide open to that eventuality.

  1. Reduced costs

What’s the real cost of downtime, of your time trying to fix an issue?  Much less than having that issue not happen in the first place.  With managed services you will have a fixed monthly fee so you can plan for the future within whatever budget you set.  When it comes to cloud services you will only be paying for what you need.

  1. Increased opportunities

The right technologies will allow your business to grow.  You will be better able to access new markets, to handle bigger clients and busier workloads.  You need systems that are robust and built to last.   And when it comes to growth you will be already planning for the future with your provider to create a manageable plan and budget.

  1. Peace of mind

The biggest benefit of working with a IT solutions provider you trust is not worrying about your IT letting you down. Knowing that somebody is monitoring your systems 24/7/365.  Meaning that you can focus on your business and not what the technology is doing.


Put a plan in place for the future and grow with confidence.  DNA IT Solutions work with clients just like you to be proactive in protecting their data, enabling them to access the best systems and plan for the future.  Talk to our team today about cost effective enterprise level IT support.