Cloud Computing for the SME

Cloud computing for SME DNA IT

Many businesses today began at the kitchen table as a start-up then grew to having its first employee.  Before long these small enterprises were looking at office space and within a couple of years had grown to a team with a great future ahead.

No matter what stage your business is at we are pretty sure that you rely on IT each and every day to help you run your business.  As your business grows so does your reliance on IT and what you expect from it.

How can Cloud be a benefit?

Traditionally your IT infrastructure would be housed within your own premises, however, as you develop your IT needs become more complex.  You may decide you want to free yourself from the traditional IT that is holding you back and make the move to Cloud services.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is using the internet to enable on demand network access to computing resources such as storage, applications, networks and more.  Smaller businesses might have a server room that serves a purpose for several years. However, when businesses start to grow they also outgrow this form of on-premises reliance and start to consider a move to the cloud.

Types of Cloud

Every business is unique and their needs will differ and that is why there are several options to consider.

Public Cloud – This is a cloud infrastructure made available to the public.  Microsoft Azure is an example of a cloud provider popular with Irish businesses.  Trust and reliability comes with the Microsoft name and an understanding of the flexibility and scalability that businesses need is assured.  Secure and reliable, this is quite often the perfect choice for the SME.

Private Cloud – While the public cloud may be the perfect fit for most customers, sometimes dedicated storage space is needed and that is when private cloud becomes an option.  IBM Cloud is enterprise level dedicated private cloud for situations where needs are more complex.

Hybrid Cloud – As in many industries, sometimes a one size fits all is not the answer and that is where hybrid cloud comes in.  Depending on customer needs a solution which is a mix of on premise and cloud is the best option.  Every combination will be different but a bespoke solution can always be found.

The move to the cloud can seem daunting for most business owners but it’s only fear of the unknown.  Once you have an IT partner you can trust, they will advise and guide you to pick the right solution for your business.  At DNA IT Solutions we help businesses like yours transition to the cloud every day of the week.  With a promise of less hassle and as little downtime as possible we can help move your business to the cloud.  Leaving you to concentrate on developing your business for the future.