Layers of security

Layers of Security DNA IT

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With each passing month there seems to be another story of a company who got hacked, some piece of ransomware that is making the rounds or even news of a colleague whose laptop got infected by a virus.  When you are busy with your business the last thing you should be concerned about is Cyber Security but unfortunately it has become a significant risk.

More places to attack

With IT being the heartbeat of most businesses today, there are more devices and technologies in use than ever.  Even the smallest of offices will have a PC and a laptop.  Add to that the smart phones and tablets that most people seem to use and before long the numbers start to add up.  As we move to the cloud we then concern ourselves with cloud security, network security and sharing information that is not encrypted.

More advanced methods

Cyber-attacks can be lucrative business for hackers and now they are becoming more co-ordinated.  With the ease of communication globally they can be arranged quite easily.  Recent attacks that have been investigated have been found to have been very well thought out and planned well in advance.

Did you know that you can now purchase a kit online that is ready for use and can enable somebody with even basic IT skills to launch an attack?  That means more attackers and an increase in the number of attacks each day.  Sophisticated technology means one keyboard warrior can launch an all-out battle against a victim of choice.

Layers of Security

However, all is not lost so there is no need to give up hope just yet.  As the bad guys get more sophisticated so do the world leaders in IT security.   It is important to know that there is not one single solution that will protect you against everything, rather it will be the layers of security working together that will provide the best protection.

These layers work like a team – they are more effective when all working together and covering all the bases.

  • Proactive – Keeping a watch out for attacks
  • Detection – Knowing and identifying the attack
  • Preventing – Stopping it before it damages
  • Investigating – Checking it out to shield from future attacks
  • Protecting – Protecting your data and your business interests.

In today’s world an organisation needs to look to the protection of the whole business environment.  Having a single centrally managed security approach by amalgamating many vendors will ensure solutions that work together.  Offering consistent protection that helps to provide better security is the key.

At DNA IT Solutions we work with world leading IT Security technologies to provide the best protection for our clients.  Everything from anti-virus software, anti-ransomware methods, secure email systems, mobile protection, perimeter and gate protection.  We also specialise in data loss prevention and end user training for a complete offering.   If you are concerned about the level of protection you have in your organisation maybe it is time to speak with the expert team at DNA IT Solutions.