How Autotask can help generate revenue for your business

Generate revenue with Autotask DNA IT

You might be aware of Autotask as a file sharing platform, however, it is so much more than that.

Autotask has grown to become a valuable business tool that is streamlining business processes.  Its vision of unifying people, processes and data is driving growth for many businesses across the globe today.

Autotask PSA

Autotask professional services automation (PSA) is a complete solution offering unlimited opportunity to organisations.   This IT business management platform allows you have everything at your fingertips to manage your critical business functions.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities allow you to capture every interaction with all of your customers.  Every phone call, meeting and email will be recorded so a full record is available when you need it.   A great tool for pricing, it will record all the time spent on a project and convert that to a cost, plus include any additional expense incurred.

Project management becomes easier as timesheets can be integrated within the system.   By adding the expense information from the finance department, it will create an accurate picture of all ongoing and completed projects.  You will have more success getting paid earlier and on time as they will be less disputes on billing.  Any queries will be handled quicker as all information will be there on screen.  It is simple to approve all amounts and post the invoice and we know that greater invoice detail will keep the customer happy too.


Customised Platform

The Autotask platform is customisable for your needs and the way you like to work.  You can create a custom company dashboard with your preferences by choosing from built in features.    We know that better systems make better business.   Efficiencies are gained by automating simple tasks and freeing up time for valuable team members.  Another bonus is that customers are happier as their account is managed better.  Happy customers and happy staff equal business success.

Somebody once claimed that information was power.  Autotask customised reports will give you the whole picture that will help you make better business decisions.    Customer service levels will be higher because you know more about your customer and their projects.  Plus, you will be better able to see opportunities and room for improvement, allowing you to create a vision for the future.

All this in one place, easy to use and available to you from Autotask.  For more information on Autotask professional services automation and how it may fit into your business please contact DNA IT Solutions today.