Security Made Simple for Retail

Security Made Simple For Retail DNA IT Solutions

Sophos – A complete security solution for traditional and online retail

Your entire company, starting with your employees, those in charge of the distribution, collaborators and business partners can all benefit from the presence of Sophos. Besides creating the best connectivity environment and increasing POS security, Sophos makes sure that everything is extremely safe.

POS network that is secure together with protected databases

Sophos is a solution that offers a high degree of security for every aspect of your business, by practicing prevention methods. Your server, endpoint, and the network will all benefit from the preventative measures of Sophos, so even the newest developed threats won’t be able to produce any harm or damage. The Sophos Security Heartbeat™, a feature that can be provided only by Sophos, keeps malware at bay by detecting and isolating threats as soon as they are noticed, with the help of health status and telemetry measures.

Security for retail businesses of all types

You can easily develop your retail company with the help of Sophos, opening up new headquarters, creating new branches, increasing your number of stores, as this solution will continue offering the same degree of protection. To make sure that the new extensions are under the safe armor of Sophos,  just make the necessary changes to customise it according to your needs.

All threats can be blocked right away

It doesn’t matter what kind of threat you are dealing with, whether you know what it is or not, with Sophos you can block it before it has the chance to cause any damage. This complete solution offers a powerful XG Firewall and APTs to keep everything in control at all times. Thus, you can forget all about worms, hacks, ill-intended bots, and more. You will also have the possibility to keep an eye on the potential threats by monitoring and analysing the status of your networks around the clock. This way, you will be able to take proper measures in a timely manner.

Safe Wi-Fi services for guests

We all know that offering Wi-Fi services for free to potential clients is recommended. But free Wi-Fi services are often seen as not secure, so you need to rise to the expectancy of your store’s visitors and enhance their experiences in a secure manner. With the help of a Sophos firewall, visitors and customers will enjoy better connectivity and security, regardless of the devices they will use.

To find out more about Sophos and protecting your retail business you should speak to the expert team at DNA IT Solutions.  We work with Sophos to keep our clients protected at all times.