Is IT a headache for your business?

IT Headache DNA IT

Being an effective business owner and developing a successful business is a constant challenge. You don’t need outdated systems holding you back.   When your IT systems have outgrown your business you need to make critical decisions for the future of your organisation.

Unlike large organisations, in Irish SMEs there will not be one person for each role and many managers are multi-tasking during the working day. When it comes to IT systems this is a very risky way of operating which can leave you exposed.

Importance of IT in your business

Your IT systems are a crucial part of how you operate day to day and they need to be working for you. You cannot afford downtime, or worse, a security breach.

Business owners that try to do everything themselves could be losing out. In order to grow your business, you need to be concentrating on your core activity and not wasting time on other areas that are better outsourced to experts. This will work out as the most cost effective method as it will be done in a shorter space of time, it will be done correctly and will prevent issues arising that could lead to bigger problems.

Upgrading or Moving to the Cloud

After several years of growth, a business will usually get to a place where the server they were relying on is now overworked and ready to be replaced. You may have wondered if the solution is a replacement or a move to the cloud. Before you tie up resources in new equipment you need to weigh up your options. You can only do this by researching your options and speaking to an expert that will talk you through the scenarios and help you make an informed decision.

Picking a partner to support you

When picking your IT partner you need to be sure you are selecting the right team. At DNA IT Solutions we work with our clients to provide them with the best option for them. We not only fix issues as they arise, like others do, we are proactive in our plan to try and ensure the issues don’t occur in the first place.   You need to find the right people for the job and working with our team you have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

We want long term relationships with our customers and we travel the way with you watching your business grow and helping your systems adapt and grow with it.

What will DNA IT Solutions offer you?

We will give you peace of mind because a professional experienced partner is on your side and is working tirelessly to ensure your IT structure and systems are supporting you every step of the way. We become part of your team and help you build for the future.

You have enough business headaches already, let us take the IT one and change it into a positive working relationship that benefits your business.