Upgrade or Move to the Cloud?

Upgrade cloud DNA IT

Your business is growing and the future looks bright. It’s been four or five years since you last took a really close look at your IT structure and systems. With the growth you are expecting in the coming years it is time to ensure you have what your business needs to continue to thrive.

Now might be the time to decide if it is time for your business to move to the cloud.   Here are three good reasons that might make that decision easier for you.

Reduce Risk

Some years ago there were concerns relating to security of information when it was moved to the cloud. However, now that thinking has changed and cloud storage is seen as the more secure option for business.

Your cloud provider is always on and automatically upgrading to ensure the optimum platform for your data. While on premise systems may not be updated with the latest security software, cloud technology is very secure with the firewalls and security measures up to date and always on.

Reduce Cost

The costs of operating within the cloud are one of the most attractive reasons to make the move. There are millions of other users on the cloud meaning that a business can benefit from economies of scale by sharing in the same computer power.   It also means that smaller businesses share the benefits that only larger businesses would have had access to in the past.

Having a monthly fee rather than the substantial upfront cost which would be associated with new servers to stay on premises means costs are controlled. Cloud is flexible and can scale with your business growth quickly and with the minimum of disruption.

Reduce Downtime

Because the newest technology and updates are always there, the cloud enables organisations to reduce downtime. No more waiting until a quiet time in the month to switch everybody off in order to perform upgrades. You will be less likely to be down due to a security issue or lack of update.

The modern office means that people are working off site, from home or on the move. With access available from anywhere in the world your team can keep working when and where they need to.

DNA IT Solutions can make your transition to the cloud an easy transaction. We can offer you a range of options such as public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. We will explain the pros and cons of each and based on your future plans we will recommend the best option for you.

Talk to us today about moving your business to the cloud.