What is the Modern Enterprise?

The Modern Enterprise DNA IT

DNA IT Solutions are more than a company that just fix computer problems.  We are a Managed Service Provider with a range of services suitable for modern business today.

We work with you, as part of your team to ensure your IT systems are suitable for your business and that they allow you to grow and function at the optimum level.

The modern enterprise looks a lot different from the office of yesterday.  With all the new functionalities come a need for many new types of service, all of which we provide.

Here are a few:

Help desk:  A team available to you whenever you need and always ready to help.  Somebody to identify what the issues are and either fix them remotely or send a technician on site should it be necessary.

Software as a service: Making sure you have the right software and maintaining it to the latest version.  Ensuring updates are done correctly with as little downtime as possible.

Printer management: Monitoring the printing activities and ensuring any maintenance or repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.  Providing a more cost effective service by incorporating it into the overall service.

Storage and backup:  Storing business data in a secure location and ensuring that backups are done regularly and with the minimum of downtime.  Taking care that your information is easily accessible only by authorised people.

Disaster recovery: Should the unexpected happen, having a plan in place to get you back up and running is crucial.  Having the right procedures in place will mean getting back to business within hours not days and with as little loss as possible.

Customer web application: Offering you a client server software application which can be run in a web browser to make business processes run smoothly.  Applications designed for clients to suit their needs.

Surveillance:  Monitoring what is going on in your business 24 hours a day even when you are not there.  Protecting you and ensuring you have full knowledge of business activities even when working remotely.

Email management: Providing you with an email system that is not only fit for purpose but one that will be robust and not result in excess downtime.  Email is an important part of any business and a reliable system is crucial.

Telepresence: Not every worker is at the office from nine to five every day.  Systems are needed that are flexible for remote workers meaning that everybody is connected with a quality communication service.

Voice Networking: Having systems that allow communication at a low cost will be a great benefit to your business.  It’s important that the quality of connections are reliable also.

Monitoring:  It is important to react to issues, however, it is always better to be proactive to try and avoid the problems from happening in the first instance.  With remote monitoring, problems will be detected and resolved quickly.

IT  Security: Having the correct security level for all aspects of your business is vital.  Protecting data and protecting your business from attack is more difficult than ever and that is why expert help and top quality products are needed.

IT Department: Having an expert team to hand with a variety of skill sets is a huge advantage.  This allows smaller businesses to have access to a level of product normally only the largest of enterprises can access.

Professional Services: Having access to a team of industry experts will allow you to tap into a well of knowledge that can advise on IT strategies.  Important for your present business but also important when planning for future growth.

Vendor Management:  Having one contact for all relevant vendors will save time and hassle.  Having your expert team sourcing the best services and managing them effectively for you could end up more cost effective.

Infrastructure, servers & storage: Having the right solution for you for the time you are operating in but also having the flexibility to stretch and reduce when necessary will make financial sense.  Transitioning to the cloud or creating a hybrid solution or not moving at all, your IT expert team can guide your decision.

These are some of the services a Managed Service Provider like DNA IT Solutions can offer a business.  It’s a holistic approach that makes financial sense and gives peace of mind.  With clear monthly fees and a flexible can do attitude we are ready to show you what we can do for your business.