Sharing Internal Data Securely

Sharing Internal Data Securely DNA IT Solutions

Every business should be able to share internal data among its employees.  This type of data is always sensitive so it is easy to understand the necessity of having a secure method to do so. You need a solution that is made especially to suit this purpose and serve your needs to share internal data in complete safety.

Autotask Workplace – a complete and complex solution for businesses

Autotask Workplace is a system that will allow data synchronisation and sharing within the structure of your enterprise. Made to suit the needs of businesses, it doesn’t matter what kind of devices you choose to use and how many people will have access to the system. You will enjoy complete control of the entire system and file database.

Extremely simple to use

Even if you never used such systems before, Autotask Workplace is made to be user-friendly, so you’ll find your way around it in no time. But, don’t be fooled by its simple appearance, as it is an extremely secure solution that will protect the sensitive data of your company at all times.

Improves collaboration

It does not matter if one user is on the computer and the other on a mobile device because Autotask Workplace will do its job right each time. Users can share any kind of file they need when they need it; this is how you make the workflow in your company more effective and improve the collaboration between your team.

Highly flexible and secure

Security is important for every business, regardless of sector, so you can’t make any compromises at this sector. Luckily, Autotask Workplace is a solution that will offer 99.9% security so you can focus on the things that matter the most for your business.  You can easily keep an eye on the unrolling processes, storage status, your own teams, and customers with a management system and configuration that will make data centralisation an easy task.

Data privacy certifications

There are situations when a company will work with various collaborators on its road toward success. But, since collaborators represent persons outside the company and the partnership may be periodical, it is not advisable to grant them access to all the data of your enterprise. So, you can set boundaries and share only the type of files they need, with the help of data privacy certifications. You will have complete control over how the system is used.

Viruses attack and other unfortunate events may happen, which can lead to your files getting lost or compromised. This solution allows you to be prepared no matter what, with features that give you the chance to recover and restore files when the situation requires.

Features offered by Autotask Workplace:

Workplace Online: Use the power of the internet to keep all team members and collaborators connected no matter where they are.

Workplace Mobile: Get things done and stay in touch with your team even when you’re on the move, with the help of this app that is suitable both for Android and iOS.

Workplace Desktop: This is the ideal feature for taking care of business at the office, as it will connect the local drives with cloud storage solutions and have them both synchronised at all times.

Workplace Manager: If you need to provide products to your clients, check on the storage and inventory of both your enterprise and your customers’, and collaborate with your own teams and the teams of your clients, this complete solution will give you all the means to be a successful manager.

Workplace Server: This feature will allow you to store and centralise your data in one place while making it available through the Local Area Network and always in synchronisation with the database of your workplace.

For more information on this great product you can speak with the team at DNA IT Solutions.  We always ensure we have the right product to suit our client when they need it.