The Right Security Solution for Mobile Workers

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In a previous article we looked at how the modern enterprise meant that workers were now used to working remotely and using mobile technology to enable them to do so.

Using smartphones, laptops and tablets as part of their day to day activities and moving from one to the other with ease.   While this remote working may make life easier for your team, it also leaves them open to high risks.

In that article we looked at the 3 steps needed – 1.Protect users and devices  2.  Protect the Enterprise Network  and 3.  Protect Corporate Data  You can read all about securing mobile part 1 here

What Else is Needed? 

By protecting users and devices, our network and our data, we complete the three key steps outlined already. However, if the solution or solutions we use are typical, they will be complex, piecemeal and not very user friendly.  In order enable the safe path to mobile productivity, organisations need to not only take the 3 steps outlined above, but the solutions they adopt must be comprehensive, simple to deploy and manage and end-user ready. When selecting a solution to protect your users, networks and data, consider the following:

Comprehensive, Simple, End-User Ready!

1) Is the solution comprehensive and integrated? Does it offer all of the critical protections outlined in this paper, or does it leave significant gaps in protection. If it is comprehensive, do all of the parts work as one, or is it a set of individual piece parts that require additional resources?

2) Is the solution simple for you? Is it easy to license, acquire, deploy and manage?  Can you easily measure the effectiveness and compliance delivered by the solution?  Does the solution have a single administrative, reporting and deployment capability?  Are the management processes simple, straight-forward and easy to learn?

3) Is it end-user ready? Can you tailor the solution to meet the needs of your users? Does the solution respect user privacy while still meeting corporate objectives? Does the solution empower users to manage their own issues such as password reset

Mobile use and mobile risk is on the rise.

Employees are no more likely to give up their smartphones and mobile devices and tether themselves back to their desktops than they are to give up streaming music and go back to LPs. Cyber criminals are well aware of these trends. Organisations cannot ignore mobile risk. They must protect their users, devices, networks and data. In order to do this effectively, they need comprehensive solutions that are simple to deploy and manage. And most importantly solutions that are end-user friendly. Only then can organizations reap the productivity benefits of using mobile devices while protecting themselves against the risk.

Sophos Mobile

Sophos Mobile is the EMM solution for businesses that want to spend less time and effort to manage and secure mobile devices. Manage mobile devices with the easy-to-use, web-based, unified Sophos Central admin interface alongside endpoint, network, or server security from Sophos. With its best-in-class data protection, comprehensive security, value-for-money, and flexible management options, Sophos Mobile is the best way to allow the use of mobile devices for work, keeping users productive, business data safe and personal data private.

For more information about incorporating Sophos Mobile into your security solution contact the DNA IT Solutions team.   We work with Sophos tools to help keep our clients protected.